Monty's Pit

A few years ago whilst working on a friend’s car in the Garage, My friend Ged suggested, “you could do with a pit in here lad”. Ged’s Idea was to dig out the existing tarmac floor in the garage then dig down about 6 feet and then build an inspection pit. Ged was the sort of bloke that if he said he was going to do something he would. Sadly Ged had not been feeling well for some time and discovered that he had leukemia. For about 9 months Ged would call in the garage when he was passing and we would talk about Motorbikes and what projects we were working on, he would always say we will sort that pit when I am feeling better. It was awful to see what was happening to Ged, you could not have met a more genuine and down to earth bloke.

 4 weeks before Ged passed away Graham and myself were in the Garage when Ged called and he looked so different that Graham did not recognise him.

In September of 2011 I was made redundant and whilst in the Garage I was thinking about Ged and in the spare of the moment picked up a spade and just started digging. I was later joined by Graham and Colin who on finishing work came round and helped me.