The trailer started off as running gear from an ERDE box trailer which I got from a nice chap called Dean who had stuck the bits on eBay for next to nothing. The Galvanised tubes were from Phil Tinsley's garden swing that was no longer used.

The trailer was designed to be used for carrying a motorcycle along with other things like a couple of wheelie bins full of rubbish to the tip. collecting waste oil ETC.

We started off by bolting the basic size and shape together and then worked from that.

Additional diagonal bracing was added to give the rear end more strength.

Then we added the Aluminium chequer plate base.

The rear end of the trailer had an extra tube added across the back to allow the attachment of a removable ramp to make loading a motorbike easier. (Left)

 The trailer was fitted with a swivelling number plate holder that doubles as a stand base for when the trailer is stored away in the yard and supporting load legs that twist around when not in use.

Here is a picture of the trailer in use, you can see the lighting board fastens onto the stand plate using Velcro straps and the supporting load legs are left up to show the reflector triangles that need to to be displayed at the back of the trailer.

Special thanks to Big Davo and Darren at DAVIES FABRICATION IN ST HELENS for the Chequer plate.

The Trailer cost less than £100 to build including the spare wheel and lighting board and it works a treat. Its moved a garden shed along with loads of other stuff and was well worth the time and effort to build it.